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7 Law Firm Marketing Strategies

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The world of the legal profession is undergoing transition phase due to changes in technologies. In this digital age, technology plays an integral role in the marketing process. There are various useful tools in every profession, and legal field is no exception. To stay ahead of the competition and to market your law firm.

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You might be offering best of the best legal services to your clients. However, if your services are not accessible or visible to your clients then you might end up losing potential leads every single day and hour.

Today, the legal content found on the Internet is scarce, 90% of the content available is generated only by 5% of people, and this small group has gained a strong foothold in the legal field, and they position themselves as opinion leaders in their areas of expertise.

Generating valuable content should be the main core of any marketing strategy whether you are a small law firm or solo lawyer. Consumers are increasingly becoming digitally savvy.

In this context, the lawyer should be clear that conventional methods such as word of mouth, can have an exponential growth if you have a good reputation online, or if it appears in the first results of Google search. Having a creative and interactive website is the first stepping stone ineffective attorney marketing strategy, but above all, your law firm must take advantage of the internet to market your services effectively on the internet.

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7 Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategies 2018

These seven marketing strategies can significantly increase the lead generation rate, and it will also help to retain existing clients.

1. Get a User Friendly Website

Structure well the content on the website for the benefits for your clients
Clients are most interested in knowing what year the office was founded, how many partners he has and what are the specialized areas along with winning verdicts. When your client visits your website online, you have to provide all the information about your law firm on the homepage itself.

Some of the most appealing elements on the homepage are as given below:-

a) Introduction video
b) Partner images
c) Winning verdicts
d) Awards
e) REAL Customer Reviews/Testimonials

2. Responsive Web Design and Fast Loading Website

Clients who are accessing your website through their mobile phones are not necessarily enjoying high-speed internet connections. There are multiple mobile devices and multiple browsers. You need to ensure that your website is not showing any errors when your website is visited by user who is experiencing slow browsing speed on his mobile device.

Having a responsive website means that your site will show correctly when viewed from different devices such as iPad, Mobile Phones or desktop computers. To ensure that your website is cross-browser compatible, you can use CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress which is the most popular CMS on the web right now. Moreover, WordPress allows you to update the website on a regular basis by just logging into the admin section of the website.

Having a website where content is regularly updated is both refreshing for visitors and search engines. Sites which are updated on a regular basis rank higher on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Read Further: Seo Specialist – Job Duties, Description and Responsibilities

3. Create valuable content for your audience

“Content is King on the internet. Your content will help to generate a lead or a potential lead getting lost”

The content on your website should not be too detailed and neither it should be too small. Your content should offer all the relevant details and information which your potential client might be looking for.

Moreover, you have to ensure that your FONT SIZE is easy to read. On various websites, we have seen that attorneys and law firms use a small font which is difficult to read especially when a site is visited by mobile devices. If any 60+ is visiting your website and looking for “nursing home abuse lawyer,” he/she might not be able to read your content just because your FONT SIZE was way too small.

4. Add visible contact details and contact form on your website

It is essential to have contact details and contact form listed on the site. It can be on the contact us page or it can directly listed on the homepage of the website.

Most of the times these details are embedded deep inside the website that it just looks boring for the visitors.

Tip1: Contact form should be short and precise. Asking too many details is like asking your clients to close the window and go to some other lawyer. It is difficult to type on mobile phones, so you have to understand that keeping contact form short and precise is the best practice.

5. Re-marketing Lawyer Marketing Strategies

Sometimes people visit your website and leave. It is not that they did not like your website. It is just that they are doing research before they hire or contact a law firm. This is where re-marketing helps. Re-marketingstrategies will display your law firm advertising to your visitors whenever they are visiting a youtube video or merely visiting any website which displays ads and advertising for visitors.

Add Creative EXIT Pop-up

You can also add a Creative Exit POP-UP for your law firm which will display when the user clicks on the close button on his/her browser.

Not every customer decides to make a purchase when doing a search online on Amazon. Sometimes customers are doing research work before selecting the best personal injury lawyer or divorce attorney.

When your customer clicks on the close button, you can offer them an incentive by providing them a free piece of advice. You can offer incentives such as “Download your free guide on how to select best personal injury attorney”, “How to Apply for Personal Injury Compensation Claim”, or “How to get the best compensation in your Divorce case”. Everybody is interested in knowing the best information, and when someone sends a request for free download copy, he/she could turn out to be your potential client.

4. Content Marketing

Effective content marketing strategies can help you reach your clients. There are popular social media groups on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus where you can share your content. There are multiple forums and Q/A sites where users regularly post their problems/legal issues. Having an active presence on these websites or sharing your content on such websites will help to market your content effectively.

Having an active blog on the website where fresh content is posted on a regular basis is useful in content marketing.

Combining Content Marketing + Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / PPC Marketing for success in 2018

Search engine optimization and marketing is the most effective online marketing strategy, especially for lawyers. Here, you are promoting your content to those users who are already interested in your services and are searching online for services related to your website.

SEO Combined with effective content marketing can yield best results in 2018.

6. Measure, Analyze and Optimize the Attorney marketing strategy

Having a useful analytic tool such as Google Analytics provide you with critical data such as traffic your website is generating and sources from where your site is making traffic.

Sometimes, technical issues on the website prevent users from visiting your site. If your website was not cross-browser compatible or your web hosting is unreliable then there are chances that it can result in a HIGH BOUNCE RATE which means that visitors BOUNCE AWAY from your website.

Useful Analytics tools provide critical information such as traffic sources, bounce rates, duration of sessions, content visited, conversions, number of visitors, as well as their countries and other demographic data used in the analysis of our audience

7. Video Marketing and Promotion

Do you know the number of searches on Youtube.com is higher than that on Google.com for specific keywords and key phrases? More and more people log into Youtube to search for specific services, tips, and useful information related to just anything.

By having an effective video marketing strategy will help to make your website more interactive, and when these videos are shared on popular video-sharing websites it can work just like a billboard on a busy highway.

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