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Find Best Hosting Companies for your Website

There are various types of hosting companies available. However, most of the website owners are looking for best hosting when it comes to hosting their business or personal website on the web.

What is a web hosting?

First of all, if you are the one who wonder what hosting is; It is the server (computer connected to the internet) where all the information on your website is stored, from where users download it. If you use a web creator (like Wix or Weebly), they put it for you, but if you set up your website with a content manager like WordPress, you will have to find your life (that is, hosting) yourself.

There are four main types of best web hosting companies :

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual (VPS)
  • Dedicated
  • On the cloud.

The cheapest one, and the one used by most personal projects and small companies, is the shared one (eg, this same website), where your website will be hosted on the server with others.

It has the disadvantage that you share the resources of the server, but usually, it will be more than enough, and it will be the one that I will focus on. If you want to know better the differences between each type, you can read this other article of ours.

Whether you are looking for best web hosting in US, Canada, Australia or India then you must select right hosting for your website.

What can you expect from best hosting company?

Before going into what each of the web hosting companies offers you and telling you about their advantages and disadvantages, let me explain what web hosting companies usually offer.

There are several types of web hosting (with virtual private VPS servers, with dedicated hosting, etc.), but the cheapest is shared hosting. It is so-called because you share a server (and its resources) with other clients (that is, other web pages will be hosted). It’s a bit like sharing a flat, you’ll pay less rent, but you’ll have to wait longer if you want to take a shower.

Linux and Windows are the two favorite operating systems of the hosting providers. The most used is Linux and the one you will most likely need (for example, to use PHP and WordPress).

But some companies also offer Windows-based hosting (for example, to use Microsoft’s The default database management system is normally MySQL, although there are other alternatives.

One way or another, your website will need to have a domain assigned. Most hosting providers will offer you a free domain name for the first year (for example, SiteGround or Webempresa ) and will ask you to pay for it from the second. Note that domain-specific registrars are generally cheaper.

All hosting companies have a control panel from where you can manage your settings (for example, to choose the PHP version) and access the hosting features (such as backups). Most of the cheap hosting plans use cPanel as a visual interface to manage your hosting. However, others, like SiteGround, use their own solutions (like the one you can see in the previous image).

Best web hosting companies offer you quality support. As we will see later, this is a very important factor when deciding on a hosting company, as it can save you time and money.

There are many types of cheap shared hosting, but in general, they will usually cost you between € 5 (USD $ 7) and € 30 (USD $ 35) per month from the first renewal (the first time you hire the plan, they will usually make you a good discount).

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